chris evans Follow @notcapnamerica Randy Volar a rich white man drugged raped and trafficked underage black girls For years He filmed the acts One of them Chrystul Kizer had enough and killed him She is facing life in prison He was sexually abusing underage girls Then police said one of Now Chrystul Kizer who was 16 when she met Randy Volar is accused of murdering her alleged sex trafficker She faces life in prison washingtonpostcom 1148 AM - 17 Dec 2019 3076 Retweets 2495 Likes All-Star Chrystul Kizer is an incarcerated trafficking survivor who is being charged with life in prison for acting in self-defense against her trafficker The punishment that Chrystul is facing for defending her own life signals that black women and girls have no selves to defend Right now Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley has the power to drop all charges against Chrystul immediately We are urging Graveley to do the right thing and drop all charges now so that instead of enduring more violence Chrystul's healing can being with her family and community Please show your support for Chrystul by signing this petition! Her next hearing is scheduled for February 21 2019 jewblog gahdamnpunk The police caught and arrested him But despite the heinous and violent crimes he was credibly accused of he was released without bail He was free for three months AFTER police discovered that he was abusing 12 underage black girls Chrystul Kizer was raped and trafficked by this man for years She’s now facing life in prison for defending herself against her attacker Free Chrystul Kizer!!! Pls spread help spread the news! SIGN THE PETITION this isn’t an old post the screenshot has a typo her hearing is scheduled for february of 2020 and if she is convicted as charged she will spend life in prison she will likely never be granted clemency her case and the court are far more stacked against her than they were for cyntoia brown who regardless still spent 15 years in prison please sign the petition Meme

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