Chris Jericho Gets Into Altercation with a Fan Written on 07312017 Thomas Hall Chris Jericho is known to have a temper as stories of him fighting Goldberg in 2003 and almost fighting Brock Lesnar at Summerslam 2016 and a recent incident can be added to the list of times Jericho rightly stood up for himself Reports are saying that Chris was at a tribute for his friend who recently passed away in a freak incident musician David Z and people kept asking Jericho for pictures and autographs At first he said yes but but then he started turning people away This led to someone shouting at an innocent Jericho Fuck your ass to which Jericho responded by telling a friend These guys are fucking pussies Jericho would apologise through a statement which explained that he was mentally and emotionally shattered due to the passing of his friend as he was saying goodbye to him on Friday night He said that he'd normally ignore rude fans like that one but due to the circumstances surrounding his friend lashed out at him Jericho ended his statement by apologising to everyone involved and saying God bless David Z Picture Credit Wrestling Rumors App Information Credit Wrestling Rumors App wwe raw wrestlemania nxt wrestlemania34 wwenetwork wrestling awesome banter instagram wwesupercard supercard wweuk wwelive wweuniverse chrisjericho davidz smackdown fans violence kevinowens ajstyles music Meme

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