Christian Castillo @christianray tr Follow ﹀ Agree to disagree t5 #MENINIST NASTY WOMAN RETWEETS LIKES aboukie young-white Follow @jaboukie ya'll both prolly agree on white supremacy tho i don't see the issue Christian Castillo @christianray Agree to disagree RETWEETS LIKES 1912 4103 ruffboijuliaburnsides auntchappy This though This is exactly what’s wrong with white people This is why shit like Trump happens You don’t “agree to disagree” with a rapist or a racist or fascist or a white supremacist You agree to disagree about if banana bread is better with or without walnuts You agree to disagree if Venus or Serena Williams is the greatest You agree to disagree if a sunrise is more beautiful than a sunset You don’t agree to disagree about hurting people You just don’t So fuck your “agree to disagree” you agree to disagree on whether pineapple belongs on pizza you do not “agree to disagree” on things that actually HURT REAL PEOPLE Meme

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