Christina Sommers@CHSomme 12h Dear kids I'm a Baby Boomer We are getting old But at least we had sex drugs and rock & roll Seems like millennials have moral Baby boomer You kids don't panics workshops and grievance circles know how hard we had it! Time to rebel! xxMom Everyone had to use the Library to get information and we didn't have cell phones! t 3658 2151 132K Cheef Keith @mondoblando Me Literally everyone I know my age wants to die but okay Replying to@CHSommers didn't your generation slap warning stickers on albums for saying bad Source f Oregano 11588 notes words and have meltdowns about satanic cults being in nursery schools 155 AM 15 Feb 18 Fourteen Glorious Times Baby Boomers Got Put In Their Place By Millennial ‘Snowflakes’ Meme

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