Christopher Cantwell @CantwellNews PRO 4 hours ago edited I'm pretty sure it would be against the rules for me to say that would be mass shooters should find left wing activists and gun them down instead of random people in mosques and synagogues So I won't do that I just really want these people to shut the fuck up and that seems like the most obvious and enjoyable way of accomplishing this goal Like if that dude killed 50 Muslims in New Zealand how much did that change the Islamic influence on New Zealand? Not much But if you killed the 50 loudest Leftists in the United States especially if you didn't get caught and continued killing these people would shut their stupid fucking asshole mouths and that would save a lot of lives All of these people should be in prison for the crimes they've committed in full view of the public over the last few years They bragged about it on Twitter and everyone knows it They should likewise be prosecuted for sedition and treason But when laws are not enforced vigilantes emerge You don't enforce immigration laws people kill immigrants You don't enforce sedition libel and treason people start killing Leftists It's predictable as the sunrise and you can't blame me for saying so Does it need a title? Meme

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