Christopher Ingraham @_cingraham 1000 teens were asked to rank brands on how cool they are WSJ Vice basically tied for dead last ● AT&T M A 100 OFacebook ● Samsung ·Toyota ● instagram ●sont ● Nike Wendys Playstaton ●Chrome ●xxx Hand Gatorade Facebook Mestenger Verlzon Ford Kool-Aid ●Dell chpose Vine Best Buy Android ESPN ● Nestle Axe Victora's Seca Pinterest tify ●Jordan ● Lego Beats by re Calvin Kl Puma Levis ● Buuteed ●Ad ·Adidas Converse R75 ●Costco ● United Aires Poio EA Sports Abercromble Halister MAC Southwest ● The Wa Street Janel N-N-OUT e Urbana绣tters ●Bose ●HSM 50 Chanel ●Oatey Sunglass Hut E 25 ● 'vice Line Supreme Zara Patagona E 00 8 6 니 MOST CO0L LEAST COOL 03042017 1946 VICE UK @VICEUK Watch this spliff fly into space bitly2012aaY #WeedWeek VICELAND 18042017 1331 Theyre trying SO hard Meme

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