CHRONOS& VERMILION SHADER COMPLETE TEE SLEEPLINE TEE AVAILABLE NOW WAVE 2 WAVE 3 WAVE 4 TBA VEKTROID LOGO TEE HELLO WORLD RamonaVektroid here! It's been a while and I'm long overdue for a news roundup Paraphrasing this from the newsletter we sent out today! --- 1 httpchronoscare We finally launched a website & merch store for my new self-publishing imprint Chronos & Vermilion! This will be the home for most things Vektroid moving forward and we soon hope to invite some friends onboard as well WE HAVE THREE 3! NEW MERCH ITEMS AVAILABLE! Pictured above Visit httpchronoscarestore for more details on those --- 2 Last month we finally released both Sleepline and Shader Complete on vinyl for the first time ever via Aguirre Records! Here are the links to where you can order both the double gatefold editions as well as the super badass Digipak CD editions Also vinyl+tee bundles! All artwork designed by Vektroid httpswwwaguirrerecordscomproductsnew-dreams-ltd-sleepline-2xlp-cd-t-shirt-2 httpswwwaguirrerecordscomproductssacred-tapestry-shader-complete-2xlp-cd-t-shirt-2 --- 3 VEKTROID ON TWITCH I'm doing a ton of streaming these days if you’re into that sort of thing Give httpstwitchtvwaterfallvoyeur a follow for live notifications or visit httpsyoutubecompolygonwizard to view the archives Been keeping it largely gaming-related to start with but will definitely be hosting more musicproductivity streams VERY soon Keep an eye out for special broadcasts on that note not every stream will be advertised nor will every stream be archived! Thus far I’ve been mostly getting myself reacquainted by course of a very casual series I like to call Vektroid Plays The Classics which is essentially a live showcase of weird video game archaeology mixed with some personal favorites in-between We've been having an absolute blast so far and as the C&V project continues to grow you can expect this format to be applied to much larger events in the near future such as screenings album premieres and live gigs --- 4 Beyond all that I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everybody for being so patient while I bring all of those upcoming Vektroid projects up to the level of polish they deserve That's ultimately the biggest reason you didn't see a new album from me in 2018 and I cannot express how excited I am about the state of this new material as we move into the new year That means Midnight Run 2 No Earth the 'Neo Cali sequel' four 'secret' albums the EP followup to Seed & Synthetic Earth and a few experimental projects as well It'll most likely be Midnight Run 2 or the EP that arrives first Either way don't count me out too soon y'all 🙃✌️ I’d better cut myself off here--lots more news on all this stuff to come You'll hear from us as soon as possible Thanks again Ramona PS - Find me on Twitter if you want more frequent updates! Meme

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