chrysanthemum tran @chrystrar Follow this pride month let's stop mythologizing about who threw the first brickpunchmoltov cocktail at the stonewall inn in 1969 because marsha p johnson sylvia rivera AND stormé delarverie have all denied being the initial catalyst for the uprising 1118 AM-5 Jun 2018 1267 Retweets 3396 Likes Э@-® O whenindoubtapplymoreglitter thatpettyblackgirl httpmakinggayhistorycompodcastepisode-11-johnson-wicker httpswwwadvocatecomcommentary20140702op-ed-remembering-our-queer-history-and-wishing-happy-birthday-sylvia-rivera source httpswwwnytimescom20140603opinionfirst-punch-at-stonewallhtml source httpwwwhistoryisaweaponcomdefcon1riverarisingandstrongerhtml httpswwwvicecomen_usarticlegqmym3how-the-mafia-once-controlled-the-new-york-gay-scene-616 Best thing I’ve read about Stonewall and Pride on this website Meme

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