CIBC FirstCaribbean Fax International Bank coMPANT u Providence Uld CIac FirstCarribean FAX NO Cayman Umited PO Box 66 GT 25 Main Street Brian Hydes Grand Cayman Cayman Islands -548-815-2252 wwwfirstcaribbeanbankcom Tel 4S949-7300 Fax 345949-7179 10215 DATE NO OF PAGES 2 RE Returned Cheque Dear Mr Palmer Please find the attached copy of the returned cheque as requested The original was sent via mail Regards Brian Hydes Transactional Banking Associate International Banking Centre OPERATING AGREEMENT for La Providence LLC operating Agreement is entered into as of 4 May 2012 by Emmanuel Macron referred to individually as a and collectively as the Members A The Members desire to form a limited liability company Company under the Nevis Limited Liability Company ordinance 1995 B The Members enter into this operating Agreement in order to form and provide for the governance of the Company and the conduct of its business and to specify their relative rights and obligations Meme

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