Cigdem K @cigdemk14 82216 This kid is 11 and in my organic chemistry class he said if we have questions to just email him fite 1041 t 137K 265K Cigdem K @cigdemk14 Update on Daniel he's now in Achem Found your best friend 91417 1019 AM Cigdem K @cigdemk14 He's a researcher now utnewsutoledoeduindexphp05_3 l vodafone TR 63% 857 PM utnewsutoledoedu Like many 12-year-olds Daniel Liu enjoys reading books and wears T-shirts covered in cartoon characters Unlike most boys and girls his age Liu has been honored at the White House for his science achievements and is now a published scientific researcher at The University of Toledo Li The Ottawa Hills High School student has been Yasna's Post SLike OComment Share 53118 1259 PM IM SO PROUD?!!!!?!!! LIKE WEE MAN IS A FUCKING LEGEND?!!!!!?!!!!?! wanted to see a more recent update and N NextShark kid-genius-publisheO Boy Genius Who Went Viral For Helping College Students is Now a Published Researcher at 13 Feb 11 2019 Daniel Liu is a child genius who won hearts online when he was 11 years old after he went viral for offering to help his much older BOIS STILL GOING STRONG YEEHAW U GO LITTLE SCIENCE KID Source catchymemes via drxpdeadtedd The boys a genius! Meme

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