Cinematograpner at Parallax Peak Nasa releases things slowly We already have proof life is still there living underground They'll tell us about it in 50 years maybe Like Reply Nov 23 2016 453pm Edited Nice to know this guy has a direct contact with NASA claps Like Reply 19 Nov 23 2016 605pm Le Triolet We already have proof Show them me Reply 4-23 hrs Like Cinematographer at Parallax Peak dont work for Nasa but this has been said and the proof was undeniable Mars habitants live underneath the surface Like Reply 22 hrs Proof? Where? Your response proves nothing Like Reply O 4 20 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak Honestly I am too lazy If you really want to see be serious about and I will post Like Reply 20 hrs Works at Manager - Business Deve lo pment Please post -I am also intrigued Like Reply 3 19 hrs Skovlyskolen i am too lazy What a stupid excuse Stop this tinfoil bullshit Like Reply 5-18 hrs 12 hours later we are still waiting Like Reply 1 14 hrs Le Triolet You're mistaking proof with statement There's no definitive proof that life STILL or HAD existed on Mars The last thing they showed to us was leaking hill where you could see some wet spots coming out of the top of the hill Apparently it's water trapped inside minerals APPARENTLY! Water doesn't always contain 'life' And if they did find life on MARS what would be the way to difference it from the microscopic organisms they sent from Earth to Mars with all the probes and bullshitcrap they constantly send over there? The plan is already ruin if something we created or recreated life on Mars Watch more documentaries or informate yourself better I'm not making this stuff up It's from NASA themselves They tried to decontaminate the probes so they never send microbesspores and such into space but it's not possible to completely clean it Life PROBABLY exist on Mars but is it from Martian origin or 'Earthian'? That's what worry them the most Like Reply 14 hrs משתלן at ה this is what i call the trickle theory which says that nasa already knows about alien life but is breaking the news to the public ever so slowly so we don't freak out i do wonder about it sometimes but there is no direct proof for it Like Reply 7 hrs Edited -Cinematographer at Parallax Peak why are you so upset with me? Its one thing no beliving me its another to respond that way Have you have looked for the proof? Or do you just go around disproving proof Like Reply 7 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak t is just look Like Reply 7 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak The people of mars are human They are more advanced then us but not in the sense of what you think It was a catastrophe a long time ago they caused the Martians to bring and live everything they know underground The scar is mars shows the damage from the catastrophe that sent them underground There are pictures from Nasa that show the translucent tunnels they use Some actually show a ball traveling through them Mars is not a dead lifeless planet and it is definite ly not red The original pictures Nasa released before they doctored them shows this The real question is if these people exist and the planet is not dead as they say Why do they not tell us these things? Is there a reason they don't want us to know about the people of mars? There are domes on Mars there are statues of past ruins that they forget to doctor out of photos Thanks to people obsessed with this topic they found things nasa wouldn't have think to photoshop out Entire cities are smeared out of Google Mars There are black objects on the surface that are blurred out for no reason If you don't question these things or don't want to that's on you Googling anything I just said will force you to think Its deeper than what nasa tells people Just like the pictures released of pluto recently actually say they were taken in 2011 Like Reply 7 hrs Edited Manning Alberta you seem have hard time understanding what proof means Perhaps you should consider purchasing an english dictionary Like Reply 7 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak Whats with the insults? Like Reply 6 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak just said google what i typed Are you that lazy??? its not like I can post pictures here Like Reply 6 hrs btw those links you get from googling it isn't really proof was well a lot of it leads to conspiracy sitesand those aren't good sources as proof a lot of it is speculation yes they ask a lot of questions and they are all valid questions but a lot of them don't get answered Like Reply 6 hrs Cinematographer at Parallax Peak You are not looking in the right place then Proof to some what nasa tells them So im done with this topic If somebody would really like to talk I'll reply I bet the people who believe everything nasa tells them are the same people who have faith in the government Like Reply 5 hrs What would we look for? Life from Earth is all we know we wouldnt recognise life on Mars Cinematographer at Parallax Peak omg Like Reply 5 hrs memehumor Conspiracies=Proof Meme

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