CIVIL RIGHTS & EQUALITY CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM Formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization 141421 SIGNED 100000 GOAL CIVIL RIGHTS& EQUALITY GUN VIOLENCE HOMELAND SECU RITY & DEFENSE Formally Recognize The Ku Klux Klan As A Terrorist Organization 33476 SIGNED 100000 GOAL fvlani jigglypuffrobsbanks ghostofzeon reverseracism rosecoveredtardis reverseracism Peeped on the petitions on WhiteHousegov today This is our country Here’s a link to the second one in case you want to change this as well as boost the above image to make a point I just signed You guys it takes less than 60 seconds to sign You better fuckin believe I’m signing this I believe you can sign as a minor too I always sign them they never ask your age Make sure that you sign this guys When you sign you gotta go to your email and verify it too ^ sign y'all Meme

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