cl1tbait 6lacksoul alookthemovie eclecticnemesis demigodgene alookthemovie isthatchester alookthemovie A LOOK short film Follow the lives of two young social media influencers Sandra and Leah living in Brooklyn New York Written and Directed by BBBENNINO one thing i always do is support my fellow artists if we don’t prop each other up and help each other up who will? this is a beautiful film i hope this is a series because i definitely want more 😭 THANK YOU This was amazing very captivating I want to see more Gave me that interesting new Hulu series vibe I don’t know why but I like this and I need more This is Scandal level addictive lol Please tell me there’s more 🤨 Help this go viral if you like it! check out this short film It’s so good! AMAZING Meme

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