CLARK KENT REPORTER DAILY PLANET BRUCE WAYNE GEO WAYNE ENTERPRISES @WONDERVAUGHN DIANA PRINCE ANTIQUITIES DEALER THE LOUVRE THE DAILY GRIND Secret Identities * CLARK KENT @henrycavill A Newspaper Reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis Clark Kent is able to keep track of ongoing events where he might be of help Largely working on his own he sees his job as a Reporter as an extension of his super human responsibilities bringing truth to the forefront and fighting for the little man * BRUCE WAYNE @benaffleck Bruce Wayne is a wealthy businessman who runs Wayne Enterprises a major private technology firm located in Gotham Wired Magazine has estimated Bruce to be the 6th-richest person in the world with his $97 million dollar fortune However he is also known for his charitable contributions through Wayne Foundation * DIANA PRINCE @gal_gadot As an Antiquities Dealer Diana Prince specializes in the acquisition and sales distribution of ancient Greek Roman and Egyptian artifacts estimated around 5000 years old She is so skillful at her job that she is able to distinguish between forgeries and the real thing just by looking at it Although her work takes her around the world she is primarily based in Europe *** superhero injustice dceu dc dccomics dcrebirth dcentertainment dcnation dcextendeduniverse girlpower women femaleempowerment manofsteel thedarkknight Meme

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