Class 1-A alongside Mei and Shinsou all watched in horror as the Doom Slayer twisted Stain's hand quickly causing the villain to scream in pain The Slayer taking advantage of this swiped the Hero Killer's blade and proceeded to slice one of Stain's arms off Blood gushed everywhere Shouto Kirishima Mina Tsuyu and Momo all knew what would happen next Everyone even Aizawa was either too paralyzed in shock or didn't want to intervene knowing what could happen The Doom Slayer proceeded to rip off Stain's other arm Please spare me Stain said weekly l'm sorry for trying to unleash demons into Musutafu Izuku Ochako and Tenya couldn't believe it The Hero Killer had resorted to satanism and nearly caused hell on earth to happen Before the three could wonder about why the Hero Killer would resort to demon summoning The Doom Slayer answered his pleas with a brutal beating and proceded to end Stain's life with a death so brutal that not even the villain deserved it ending it with the Hero Killer's face being smashed into pieces All while Bakugou cried Stop stop! He's already dead! All that was left of Chizome Akaguro was a torso with a smashed face all in a puddle everyone understood why Class 1-B was sent to therapy with Frank Reynolds as their therapist after Dabi was killed At least Eri was at Izuku's place with Mirio Inko and All Might not knowing that the former two were having trouble watching TV due to All Might and Inko having some private time My Hero AcaDOOMia Meme

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