CLASSIC ORIGAMA CLAS SIC ORIG AMI D AFFODIL H echnically this design by Ted Norminton England is the most dyanced in the book and should only be attempted by experi- enced folders Compare it with the much simpler Tulip and Stem ihe two extremes of style show how beauty can be achieved E by very different means Note the intriguing method in Steps 1-6 for tolding an accurate hexagon Persevere with the difficult 'sink' ot Step 11 practice will make it much easier Use a medium weight vellow square tor the bloom and a green square of the sarme size for the stem A 10in 25cm square will create a life-size bloom 14 a clean face Fold up the bottom triangle Repeat five more times around the layers C to reveal a perfect hexagon! Crease mountoins and valleys as shown collapsing them to make Step 7 В BLOOM Invert or sink the top corner down into the body of the paper at the level shown Open out the hexagon to do so then collapse it back into shape when the rim of the sink has been creased into a continuous mountaincrease and 3 Fold the left corner across the centre inverted This is a difficult and lengthy procedure even for experts so persevere 15 Fold one layer across 7 If the bottom edge runs straight ocross turn the whole shape inside- out to make the shope seen here Lift F and squash Fold inong a diagonal 4 Cut off the upper portion of paper as shown 9Lift point Falong the marked creases petal fold 16 to reveal c clean lon Note or clority cly ne in layer vowbe drawn Crea and unfold as shown T2 Tuck Fup inside the front layer reversing some of the Step 9 creases Repeat five more times oround the layers 5 Open out 2 Pinch the mid-point and the upper quarter point Fold the mid- point edge on to the quarter point crease so that the new crease runs exactly to the centre of the bottom edge Be very accuratel 8 like this Repeot with CDE G and H When squashing try to keep the same number of loyers left and right Fold the corners up to the 3 Fold one layer across to the left to reveol T0 Unfold the Step 9 creases centre crease Repeot five more times 38 39 CoE CPE This page location Meme

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