CLASSICS COMFORT THE ORIGINAL Nestle offee mate DECAF HIGHGRSUND HIGHGROUND ORGANIC INSTANT COFFEE Non-De Cholester cO ORGANIC INSTANT COFFEE bout 3 erv Rich Full Bodied Tastel Kava Instant Coffee delivers delicious flavor and aroma in every Kava Instant Coffee is Acid Neutralied SO you can enjoy a rich full bodied without all the bitterness DIRECTIONS Use one teaspoon per 6 fl oz cup more or less to suit your taste Add boiling water stir Makes up to 60 cups INGREDIENTS COFFEE ACID REDUCED BY POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE DISTRIBUTED BYG8 THE JM SMUCE COMPANY ORRVILLE OH 44667 CORGANIC ORGANIC FAIRTRADE WELL OUSE FAIRTRADE holes lodiun tal C tal S THE ORIGIN ROAS nck ei FINE ITALIAN PRODUCTS Ferrara O THE LAST DROP EWT CON AN AND USDA IGHTWEIGHT USDA ORGANIC ORGANIC SY OPEN JAR OS CON 120 TRADE Since 1892 NET WT 353 OZ n00g NET WT 353 OZ T100g PRODOTTI FTALIANE DIQUALITA CAFE INSTANTANEO NET WTPESONETO 6FL 0Z CUPSTAZ UTE Instant ESPRESSO -Coffee NET WT 22 0Z 137 LB 6236 more 2 0257g LASTIC BO6 G1 WIW BO6 000070670 01091 1226 0000255001836 B06 000070670 01090 G1 6 899 000050000 353 OZ 033201 G1 6 OG207140 81 G1 0306 05 353 07 033201 0306 0 3 14071 It's over Anakin I have the Meme

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