clebauchery: toastpotent: flarehunter76: fluffygif: Pomegranate world Pomegranate world why did it censor out something she said. what did she say. let her speak Okay so what she says (from what I can figure out, please correct me if I get something wrong) is basically: “Alright today we’re gonna teach everybody the Proper way to open a pomegranate. First you’re gonna make four cuts in a square on its ass, top and bottom, side to side, cut cut cut, and then take this piece of the skin off. Now you COULD not follow my instructions and cut it in half right down the middle; however, you’re gonna end up cutting into the fruit, sending juice flying all over the fuckin place and your girlfriend is gonna beat your *ss and leave you; SO, it’s better to follow my directions using the cut cut cut method. Then, in a star shape make more cuts and pull back the pieces, and presto there you have a beautiful pomegranate flower; tell me that isn’t the prettiest fucki-“