clever name @Luge_Knight The media when a black man shoplifts bread to feed his daughter vs when a white man murders family and dissolves them in acid 16032017 2155 FOX 47 Madison fox47madison 2 people suspected of stealing 90 cans of baby formula from Walmart bitly211jhjS WGN TV News @WGNNews NE EWS St Charles man killed daughters before telling wife to 'live and suffer' bitly 2mLWjkf 15032017 0406 critically-yours avd-justin lagonegirl i’m speechless This is how the system of white supremacy operates The media is used 2 create stereotypes like blk on blk crimeThey need black men to fill jail cells for the Prison Indstrial complex You know what? I’m tired of thisI do not know what exactly they are waiting for I mean our government comes up with “reasons” to invade other countries such as Syria like their government is allegedly violating human rights or something like that but… I mean for other countries they do not even have to go deep to bomb the fuck out of this place they can just look at our media And this has been happening to people of color since the media has existed I’ll never forget this 👇🏾 Did a research project on this in undergrad and the results are extremely alarming because it’s not just in imagery it’s in language used even in the law making process and within our own communities in a completely different way than expected This post is too real and needs a gazillion bazillion more notes Meme

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