CN He KNOWS very well who BD is he knows she is one of the 4 leaders that tried to colonize Earth and hollow it out which would have had ultimately killed ALL of its life who fought in the war against Rose he doesn't even need to sympathize with her here BD clearly shows no interest in hurting or antagonizing him she simply wonders what he is doing here how his kind managed to survive here for so long whilst her sister Diamond perished But Greg does he does sympathizes with her he sympathizes with her loss Even sharing his own experience with it Even Blue Diamond herself recognizes just how kind Greg is being here Its a shame There's a Geo weapon incubating in your planet that will destroy everything shortly Butyou don't deserve that do you? Even when she nabs him up and heads to her Palanquin downright KIDNAPPING him just with somewhat more well-intentions his tone to her doesn't change he is still polite and refers to her as an authority of respect Please your highness! l just can't get over how beautiful of a person Greg Universe is its no mystery where Steven gets it from I've said it once but I'm saying I again Greg is under appreciated thank you Meme

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