coelasquid This whole trust Tumblr blindly thing is eventually going to kill someone as I became pointedly aware of on one occasion I was making fun of how poorly a particular bleach-based drain declogger was working on my sink and got a chorus of really dangerously misinformed people tellin cute little cool kid diy home care blogs they're following talk about vinegar like it it's the big secret the cleaning companies don't want g me to pour vinegar in after it because all ou to knovw And I cringed knowing that someday some Well Actually expert who read a blog article once is going to give that advice to someone who unfortunately didn't take high school chemistry and isn't aware that MIXING VINEGAR AND BLEACH MAKES CHLORINE GAS holy fucking jesus tits reblog to save a life read the wordsvinegar and bleach and m ove of God don't do this! nto red alert For the Reblog to save a life Other things you should never mix Amonia + Bleach-toxic chloramine vapors Rubbing alcohol + bleach- chloroform Hydrogen peroxide +vinegar-parecetic acid corrosive acid Also while not dangerous baking soda + vinegar doesn't do shit for cleaning your bathroom or kitchen My go to equivalent for 'go fly a kite' is 'go weld on brake cleaner Because you will die You will insta-die 354419 notes Reblogged б days ago from seven-oomen originally from coelasquid Source coelasquid Posting to save a life Meme

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