coffee bae @iamsashakae Follow sighso let me get this straight -Italy has 8 weeks paid vacation 5 month maternity leave -Finland doesn't assign homework and equalizes all schools so that all children k-12 get a quality education -France serves GOURMET school lunches which are 4 course and one hour long 1150 pm -20 Jan 2019 3526 Retweets 12537 Likes 000OO coffee bae iamsashakae 19h -Portugal decriminalized all drugs whilst granting adequate access to rehabilitation for ALL citizens Norway's prison system is focused on rehabilitating prisoners -Slovenia offers pretty much free college even to foreign students 91ti 502 17K coffee bae @iamsashakae 19h and god damn Germany teaches about the holocaust and believes in reparations of all forms bye goodnight America sucks The verdict is in by commonvanilla MORE MEMES Meme

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