Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwinks wolfenstein went from yet another standard nazi killing piece of media to bold modern storytelling by staying exactly the same thing 636 PM 05 Oct 17 2217 Retweets 6321 Likes Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi 16h Replying to @spacetwinks it's interestingterrifying to watch - as nazis became more of a Thing people have to deal with IRL media shies awav from confronting them 3 1 279 933 so wolfenstein by sticking to its actually fuck nazis contains more courage than most of their peers by just continuing to kill nazis 3 1390 Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi 16h the perception of wolfenstein is an incredible demonstration of how the overton windowmiddlecenter shifts over time 4 1 232 851 Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi 16h what would ve once been oh OF COURSE nazis are bad get a new villain becomes how DARE you put politics irn your game 303 1052 Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi 16h the modern reaction to wolfenstein is a snapshot of just how much we've failed to stop nazis letting them mainstreanm and organize again Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi ·16h ﹀ n short beat them with ideas and beat them with more speech has failed because now WOLFENSTEIN is controversial T 2 tl 239 860 Colin Spacetwinks @spacetwi ·16h ﹀ you dont beat nazis by having debate club them you beat nazis by stopping them from organizing and keeping them scared to go publio T 15 ti 259 96 Meme

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