Collapsible Strow HELP SAVE THE lurtles WWITH EVERY PURCHASE savetheturtlescanada ONE STRAW TO END THEM ALL 💪 Americans use 500 million straws every single day with the majority of those ending up in our landfills and oceans Here at Save The Turtles we created a simple and effective method of reducing our reliance on plastic with our Collapsible Straw While the push continues to change how big restaurant chains and corporations operate we must be the change we want to see Without grassroots movements like this companies would continue to operate under the premise that our oceans don’t matter Make a small difference in your community by getting a reusable straw Here at Save The Turtles our ultimate goal is to keep our oceans clean In our pursuit to achieve this beyond offering our reusable straws we donate 5% of our profits to Sea Turtle Conservancy While straws are just the beginning our team is hard at work designing more eco-friendly reusable products to continue the push towards a plastic-free ocean You can check out our straws HERE Meme

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