COLLECTIVE NOUNS FOR ANIMAL GROUPS A congregotion of alligators A nest army colony or swarm of ants A shrewdness or troop of apes A pace herd or drove of asses A troop of baboons An exaltation of larks A leap of leopards A pride of lions A lounge of lizards Atiding of magpies A nest of mice A labor of moles A troop or cartload of monkeys A herd of moose A barren span or pack of mules A romp of otters A team yoke or drove of oxen A parliament of owls A bed of oysters A company or pandemonium of parrots An ostentotion pride or muster of peacocks Apod of pelicans A rookery or colony of penguins A bouquet or nye of pheasants A herd or sounder of pigs A sloth or sieuth of bears Afamily or colony of beavers A grist swarm nest or hive of beer A sounder or singular of boars An obstinacy herd troop or gang of buffalo Aflutter of butterflies A wake of buzzards A train caravan or flock of camels A herd of caribou A ciowder cluster giaring or pounce of cats An ormy of caterpillars A herd or drove of cattle A brood or peep of chickens A coolition of cheetahs An intrusion of cockroaches A guip of cormorants A bask or fioat of crocodiles A murder of crows A herd of deer A pack of dogs An are dule fiight or pitying of doves A poddiingfiock or raft of ducks A convocation or aerie of eagles A bed or sworm of eels A herd or memory of elephants A herd or gang of elk A mob of emus A business of ferrets A charm of finches A school or shoal of fish A stand or fiamboyance of flamingos A swarm cloud or business of flies A leash skulk or troop of foxes An army of frogs A goggle or skein of geese A herd corps or tower of giraffes A swarm cloud or horde of gnats Aflock herd tribe or trip of goats A troubling of goldfish A band or troop of gorillas A cloud of grasshoppers A coiony of gulls A down or husk of hares A boil cast or ketde of hawks A hedge or siege of herons A bloat of hippos A herd or band of horses A mute brace or pack of hounds A cockle of hyenas A band party or scold of jays A smack or brood of jellyfish A mob herd or troop of kangaroos A prickle of porcupines A school or pod of porpoises A coterie of prairie dogs A bevy or covey of quail A nest or warren of rabbits A gaze or nursery of raccoons Arhumba of rattlesnakes An unkindness or conspiracy of ravens A crash or stubbornness of rhinoceroses A building or clamor of rooks A pod harem herd or colony of seals A school shoal or shiver of sharks A flock or fold of sheep A bed knot den or nest of snakes A host or ubiquity of sparrows A clutter of spiders A dray or scurry of squirrels A chottering or murmuration of starlings Aflight or gulp of swallows A bevy herd or bank of swans A sounder drift herd or drove of swine An ambush or streak of tigers A nest or knot of toads A hover of trout A rofter doie or flock of turkeys A bale or turn of turtles A blessing of unicorns A huddie or herd of walruses A coiony pack sneak or gang of weasels A pod school mob or gam of whales Apack or rout of wolves A wisdom of wombats Adescent of woodpeckers A herd zeal or cohort of zebras MIA THEMETAPICTURECOM you should probably go to TheMetaPicturecom epicjohndoe Collective Nouns For Different Animals Meme

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