Colley @JamColley 6e a Garfield is a cat and doesn't have a job The only ostensible difference between Monday and any other day IS that Jon suddenly isn't around after having been home all weekend Garfield doesn't hate Mondays he loves Jon and is too proud to say it 18022018 0205 6385 Retweets 244K Likes lennythereviewer nightf4iry raeloganthesonic06fangirl asksapphirejewel pembrokewkorgi @ihatejonarbuckle @raeloganthesonic06fangirl Well I mean Garfield does care Anyone who’s ever owned a cat knows that they have thier own ways to show they love you An often overlooked thing about Garfield is between the snark and schemes he’s really a loving kitty I guess these aren’t as memorable as the wackier strips But Jon can always count on Garfield to make him smile when it really matters And Garfield knows that Jon cares I swear my cat is the same way the below picture is an accurate portrait of how it is to have a dog and cat the same time Theory accepted wholesome It’s rare to see Garfield content on Tumblr that isn’t “Jon is a heartless monster” or “Garfield is some eldritch horror” Meme

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