MUSLIM MEN IN MICHIGAN ARE ALLOWED TO CLAIM UP TO 4 WIVES WHILE ON WELFARE The state of Michigan has a large and growing Muslim community. The city of Dearborn or “Dearbornistan” has a large Muslim population, but instead of encouraging Muslims to assimilate, it has even begun implementing aspects of Shariah law. Shariah law is a rigid code of laws based on and guided by the Islamic faith. It generally views women as property, allowing a Muslim man to “own” multiple wives. Muslim men in Michigan are allowed to claim up to 4 wives while on welfare. This is an outrage! American taxpayers money is spent on this??? Eespecially considering polygamy is illegal in the U.S.! - Video by Conservative Tribune secured_borders securetheborder homelandsecurity refugees AmericaFirst TravelBan BanSharia EnoughisEnough vettingnecessary remigration welfarestate TrumpPresident MakeAmericaGreatAgain AmericansFirst MAGA TrumpTrain DrainTheSwamp liberalagenda