Comments Di Comments Dor Dustin Rackley Boy look like he could drink peanutbutter 16h Like Rely084K Nicole McFarlin Better luck necks timee 3h Like Reply Javier Simmons Replied 298 Replies sis Baldwin Why are all the comments so neckative Denzel Danzey If he hiccup to hard he'll swallow his 17h Like Reply125K whole head Leyla Guevara Replied 170 Replies 16h Like Reply 0 96K Glenda Hardy Replied 295 Replies Britney Johnson Wonder when his Necks court date Daulton Ryan Zane I'd rob too if it cost me 65$ to get rid of a sore throat 18h Like Reply 19h Like Reply 0039K Glenda Hardy Replied 36 Replies #0037 Mia Ortiz Replied 110 Replies Rachelle Mimi Aguilar Why tf does he look like one of the germs off that mucinecks commercial? 19h Like Reply Tasha BlackberryWatson 905 These jokes aren't funny this is NECKPHEW 15h Like Reply someone's brother uncledad orNatasha Granneman Replied1 0114K Wil Johnson Tracy Williams Morrison Rep 331 Rer I think i know him He's from my neck Sheriff's Office of the woods 00142K Ebony Desiree The neck bone connected to the earG 18h Like Reply 393K Com Glenda Hardy Replied 176 Replies bone Comment e a comment e a comment Why they roast this man to oblivion bruh? But for real tho This man swallowed a lunch plate AINT no way he don’t got asthma If he cough it’s a level 30 hurricane He can blow your house down He blow soup and it splash everywhere He got a whole tunnel and toll booth for a throat His momma titties probably swollen like a bowling ball He can never wear turtle necks He get cold in the winter His shirts cry when he put them on How he suppose to wear a tie to a interview? That’s what’s wrong with the system They set this man up to fail He got fourth grade table graffiti on his neck bro My MyPlayer don’t even got those tarts smh He can eat for the both of us If he eat your groceries you done For the month Meme

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