COMMISSION INFO Acshchs-Meme Line +Flat Colors - $25 Extra CharacterAlternate outfit+ $8 Shaded- $35 Extra CharacterAlternate outfit +$8 Rules Contacts NO Negotiable It'sYa Boi Memecrème#0733 Discord 1 Gorevoresnuff 2 Scatwater sports 3 Real people 4 LoliShota 5 Super huge proportions 1 TrapsFuta 2 Furry 3 Yuri l'm shit at it tho USD Paypal ONLY <h2><b>OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS AGAIN again<b><h2><p>Hiya I’m opening for Commissions again!<p><p>If you are interested please<p><ol><li>DM me here or on Discord <b>It'sYaBoiMèmeCrème#0733 <b><br><li><li>List everything that you want for your commission <b>Description Photo reference other details<b><br><li><li>Use PayPal for payment Payment will be done once we <b>both<b> agree on a sketch<li><li>Don’t do major changes beyond the sketching phase<li><ol><p>Slots<p><ol><li>1 Taken<li><li>2 Taken <li><li>3 Taken <li><li>4 Taken <li><li>5 Taken <li><li>6 Taken<li><li>7 Taken <li><li>8 Taken <br><li><li>9 Taken <br><li><li>10 Taken <br><li><ol><p>Alright that’s it<p><p>Listen to <b><a href=httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=5w0E6y01OuQ target=_blank>these?<a> <b>Or<b> <a href=httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=-Tdu4uKSZ3M target=_blank>these?<a><b><p> Meme

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