Commission Info Journals Gallery scraps Favorites Send Note User Page 9 furs will understand my anger here By Silverstreek a year ago UGH! I HATE HUMANS i mean i know what i did was wrong but still UGH what happened was today at work one of the disabled kids would not move and my instinct took over and i bit where her scruff would be to pull her up to make her move when i saw what i was doing i let go and kept trying to make move but the bite mark stayed and i got in huge trouble and mow i am being forced to go to therapy to help my anger and odd behavior I mean yeah it's bad i acted on instinct But now m suspinded from work with no pay for a week i need that money i only have one fucking dime to my name and i need food for my self rent money and food for my cat my trust for humans was already on thin ice when my mom said if you keep acting like this you will be locked away in a mental hospital and now i'm being forced to see a therapist? they are the most judge mentle humans ever! i can't trust any human now Wolfy is pissed!! She want's to rip open her pillow!!! 39 comments A furry gets angry with a disabled child Meme

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