COMMISSION INFO Try not to store toomuch you see ken SIZEBIG AesthdiceMeme Shaded - $45 Alts - $10 Extra character - $102030 Flat $30 Extra charAlts- $10 Rules Contacts NO Negotiable It'sYaBoi MèmeCrème#0733 Discord 1 Gorevoresnuff 2 Scatwater sports 3 Real people 4 LoliShota 5 Super huge proportions 1 TrapsFuta 2 Furry 3 Yuri l'm shit at it tho USD Paypal ONLY aestheticc-meme ALL SLOTS FILLED!!! OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS AGAIN again again Hiya I’m opening for Commissions again! Just FYI gonna be reviewing the submissions before finally choosing which to d If you are interested please DM me here or on Discord It'sYaBoiMèmeCrème#9898 List everything that you want for your commission Description Photo reference other details Use PayPal for payment Payment will be done once we both agree on a sketch Don’t do major changes beyond the sketching phase Slots Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Open Alright that’s it Can’t Forget everyone’s favourite segment tho Meme’s monthly music recommendation This month is Feed Me Jack song 1 song 2 song 3 ALL SLOTS FILLED THANKS GUYS Meme

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