Common Eelgrass Zostera marina Common Eelgrass Zostera marina is a seagrass species native to marine environments especially those along the coastlines of North America and Eurasia This seagrass is a flowering plant and a rhizomatous herb The rhizome grows horizontally attaching to substrates The plant is monoecious and capable of undergoing sexual reproduction or vegetative propagation Seeds usually have a clear coat and in vegetative reproduction new stems arise from the rhizome and spread into a meadow-like colony The primary issue facing the population of the common Eelgrass is the increase in turbidity in its natural habitat The plant needs sunlight but human activities such as trawling and dredging have led to reduced population Pollution from industries coastal development and aquaculture operations destroy colonies and damage the plant's naturalhabitat Other invasive species also affect the Eelgrass for instance the green crab which destroys the eelgrass' natural habitat and the slime mold that cause diseases Brittle Bladder Fern Cystopteris fragilis V Type here to search This plant be getting more action than all of us Meme

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