ConcernedApe @ConcernedApe Hi! I'm gambling on messaging here because I've already visited the wiki google and even SV subreddits just to check Is there a bug in Pam's 9-heart event because I'm about to go to Year 7 and haven't triggered it yet The Community Upgrade is done Year 2 or 3 I think I even have 10 hearts with her and I visit their house almost everyday I'm on iOS My pendings are just two - the Golden Clock and her heart event so I can complete this save file You can probably say I'm desperate haha On another note thank you for creating this game More power to you and excited for the update Sep 19 2019 1028 AM hey I haven't heard about that but I'll pass the info on to the guys who did the mobile port for me hope they can find a fix Thanks so much for the kind words Oct 8 2019 159 AM Thank you! And you added a load of stuff on the 14 update which includes the Pam 9-heart event not trigerring Thank you and congratulations! Looking forward to it on mobile Love from the Philippines! 907 AM One of my key takeaways for the 14 patch when it comes to mobile hopefully I can finally complete all the Heart Events Meme

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