congruentepitheton Small town culture is knowing that there are Old Folks with strange nicknames but never knowing the stories behind them Of course I made the mistake of asking why everyone calls this one guy Brickaday and it tuns out that he worked at a brickyard for 40 years stealing exactly one brick every day and making no particular efforts to conceal the theft Nobody thought anything of it until years later he was discovered to have built three houses His boss is said to have shrugged and made some remarks about the importance of coming up with a plan and sticking to it I'm trying to arrange my face into an appropriate approximation of silent baffement and failing miserably cisphobiccommunistopinions i appreciate brickaday pitbullmabari chaotic good kaijuno My grandpa once told me he worked with a guy called Scrappy at General Motors back in the 50s Every few days he would wheelbarrow out metal shavings and the foreman was convinced he was stealing things and hiding them in the scrap metal to get it out of the factory But every time they'd go through the scrap they'd find nothing He was stealing the wheelbarrows Source sharpnelshell 70393 notes Brickaday Meme

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