Conservatives Accept £35m in donations from Russian oligarchs including £200k from the wife of the former Russian Finance Minister days after Boris Johnson buried a report into Russian electoral interference in the UK Also Conservatives Republic of Ireland C220 200 Subscriber price just 160 Tuesday 3 December 2019 telegraphcouk No 51178 PRINCE ANDREW MACCUSER The Daily Telegraph News page I 'People on the inside keep coming up with ridiculous excuses This is not some sort of sordid sex story This is a story of being trafficked BRITAIN'S BEST QUALITY NEWSPAPER Grieffor a life stolen by terror Corbyn's dossier 'points to Russians Labour told to come clean on 'NHS for sale documents as report suggests Moscow link of the actors behind Secondary Infel tion or a sophisticated attempt by un y Anna Mikhailoya Gordon Bavner and Harry Yorke known actors to mimic it Labour last night refused to sy how over whether it has helped to spread it had obtained the documents which Russian disinformation during the originally surfaced on the online dis cussion site Beddt and would say only Jeremy Corbyn last week published that releasing these documents was a leaked dossier of classified informa clearly in the public interest lain Dun- tion which he used to attack the Con can Smith the former Conservative servatives over the NIIS but refused to eader said last night If they are using dsinfomation to fabricate their NHS Last night independent researchers scare stories which are anyway not said the documents carried the spec true that speaks volumes about them tre of foreign iniluence as they had If there is any truth in this report been published online using methods then there are very serious questions that directly mirroe an earlier Russian that need to be answered by Jeremy LABOUR has been told to come clean general election campaign sy how he got it disinformation campaign Cortyn and his team Senior Conservative MPs last night Tom Tugendhat the chairman of the demanded that Mr Coebyn esplain how Soreiga affairs committee said We he obtained the documents amid fears know that foreign gernments have that Moscow is trying to influence the tried to interfere in elections by leak- election campaign Graphika a social ing documents at moments that are convenient to them Is this part of that rattern of behaviour? There are very serious questions that need to be answered by Jeremy Corbyn and his team ALabour spokesman saidof the doe- uments Neither the UK nor the US government have denied their authen ticity Given what they reveal it's not aurpeising that there are attempts to muchy the waters to cover up what has media analytics firm worked with the been exposed Alantic Council think tank to uncover evidence showing that the way the night in a letter to Donald Trumpquot The girfriend of 25-year-old Jack Merritt who was stabbed to death in the Landon Bride terror attack was among mourners taking part in a vigil and one-minute sikence in documents came into the public do ing from them as he demanded the US Cambridge yesterday Leane O'Brien a veterinary sclence student held a teddy bear as she stood with Jack's parents in front of the Guildhal Reports Pages 4-5 main mirroeed a disinformation cam president leaves the NHS out of any fu paign called Secondary Infektion ture trade tallks with the UK uncovered in June Seccedary Infektion used fabricated Oxford tUaiversity's Project on Compu or altered documents to try to spread taticnal Propagands said that if Russia false narratives online and stemmed was behind the leak its aim may not y Robert Mendick Martin Evans from a network of social media ac have been to help any particular side in counts that Facebook said ceiginated the election She said-We know from in Russia Ben Nimmo head of investigations for or against anything it's about sow-notorious hate cleric will be subjected have is a system of automatic early at Graphika said It's on the same set ing confusicn and destroying the field to even tighter controls The Daily Tel release and it was the automaticily that of welsites Jas Secondary Infektion ofpolitical trust g it's using the same types of accounts Mr Cortyn cited the documents last i Curbs on hate cleric Choudary tightened in wake of atrocity Lisa-Maria Neudert a researcher at cally from prison half way through his semtence and a vear before his attack The Prime Minister said You have to be realistic and what you must not rarrested imminently in the crack- down To reassure the public policing at Christmas markets in major cities was being stepped up as well as at the showpiece Winter Wonderland event at Hyde Park in central London Government officials are convinced that Khan hoodwinked supervisors A photograph has emerged of Anjem Choudary left with Usman khan the London Bridge attacker in 2009 and Charles Hymas the Russian playbook that often it is not ANIEM CHOUDARY Britain's most ogrape has learnt after a photograph A Reddit spokesman said The in- emerged of him standing side-by-side Im afraid let us down here because in the end the law had no choice but to let Well placed sources said Choudary's would turn out well I don't think that police It is understood a further half travel unaccompanied from his home It's either the Russian operation or poetance and we are ivestigating someone trying hard to look like it The Graphika report seen by The ei eleanh te that licence conditions were under urgent eview as part of a crackdown on 69 ihdistrristy frad fi and antic Councils Digital Forensic Re-jhadist terrorists freed from jail and docen convicted terrorists will be re in Stafford to London to attend the con de covicted terrsts will be rn Stafont to Londontoattend the co ference where he stabbed to death 23 was a reasonable expectation given the si n diactor of the tcence conditions were under urgewasa reaoat etione tl mc Graham Erookie director of the At what we lnew about him idistcomicte of taing to inin A jihadist coenicted of trying to join antic Counr search Lab said Whoever did thisliving in the community was absolutely trying to keep it a secret It caries the spectre of foreign influence erdrim relice ru in race against time to lock up convicted terorists living in the community amid they may go cn the run or k Merrit5nd Suukin lo Dily Telegrapi states that The simi arities to Secondary Infektion are not enough to provide conclusive attribu tion but are too close to be simply a co incidence They could indicate a return Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Is in Syria in 2015 was sent back to jail for two years yesterday for hiding a It is understood officials-including senior probation officers and police- gave agreen light to the tripless than a Boris Johnson last night called for an overhal of the systm that enabled Meme

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