Container Ships - Mega compilation Port of Rotterdam # 172 163049 views Jul 6 2019 Shipspotting Rotterdam 173K subscribers This is an compilation with more than 100 video shots of container ships in te Port of Rotterdam All video shots were made by myself in the period of end 2018 and begin 2019 SHOW MORE SORT BY 29 Comments Add a public comment vlado 2 months ago Brilliantly! Delightful & Helpful video ! This unique and interesting video is worthy of the award of the marine Oscar no more no less! For us this is two hours of enjoyment and unforgettable impressions! For the Author is a multi-day work! My sincere thanks to the Author of this Masterpiece for his decent job and his golden hands! Show less 5 REPLY Hide replies Shipspotting Rotterdam 2 months ago Thanks for your compliments Vlado It's a big job to create a video like this but I love it 2 REPLY Vlado 2 months ago @Shipspotting Rotterdam Thank You so much for Your friendly replay for Your touching words for Your golden hands! I appreciate Your decent and jewelry job and unique videos about port of Rotterdam! My best hugs and see You tomorrow 1 REPLY This delightful exchange on a ship spotting video Meme

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