COPY IN FILE May3 2015 To all Dog owner Tenants Re Dog poop Dear Dog owner tenants A tenant le to clean after his dog This is unfair to Management and even more to the other tenants The good news is that the technology exists and the dog can be identified We have to collect a sample from and give it to the lab for analysis and compare it with the feces on the st t his dog poop on the stairs twice and did not have the decency your dog f eps Please provide us some sample of your dog's poop in the attached bag Just leave it on your Patio and we will collect it As you realize refusal is not option rather admission of guilt and reason for immediate eviction as the law is on our side We have to protect the health and well being of the tenants Please dispose dog feces promptly Your cooperation is expected and appreciated Sincerely Waldorf Management PS Management is on duty Monday-Friday 9am-5 pm After these hours calls accepted only for emergencies broken lines or fire lol-coaster Property manager to evict tenants who refuse to supply dog stools for DNA testing At an apartment complex Burnaby British Columbia the property manager has had enough with picking up dog poop after irresponsible tenants Two weeks ago 30 tenants received a letter requesting a poop sample from their dog Actually the word “requesting” is a bit soft The letter states that refusal is not an option and will lead to immediate eviction httpwwwdnaforcecaarticleproperty-manager-to-evict-tenants-who-refuse-to-supply-dog-stools-for-DNA-testinghtml Meme

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