CosmoSucks S 4h I never felt like this nit pick needed it's own post but it's been bugging me so I'm just gonna throw it in ere At the end of last season Jaime puts a riding glove on his golden hand before he departs for the north He does this presumably so he doesn't get identified on his way there However this episode he gets caught riding south because he didn't cover his golden hand The justification for this in the show was that he's always been the dumbest Lannister When they've already established in the show he's not dumb enough to ride across the kingdoms with his golden hand on display Reply 649 ZoJoC 3h Fuck the king! Add it to the list Just under Tormmund rode a dragon but acts like Jon is the first person he's ever seen ride a dragon 305 All the chickens πŸ“ Meme

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