could all take credit But if smile adding AndItel dida't even think of me as cil as caual har it was a flop I could blame them She can have the being a star until they beard Cue we had back then ter mosical and philas them Parton credit T'lI just take the my Parton commented was wrote the oniginal film and shoot the film next year thropic work as 20 cash h actress-directon Rashida Dumplin opens in MusiCares Persos of the e film the searing The song 9 to 5 has touched by that The kids woekplace comedy 9 to 5 been a gift that keeps on got a kick out if it are working on a new select cinems and Year on Feb 8 became the No 2 box giving for Parton looPr Like the song the nearty script Parton said Fox debuts on Netfiix this before the 61st Grams office fitm released in 1980 ton's original recording 40-year-old 9 to 5 movie already bought it Jane Lily weekend Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age NEW YORK AP Jelia Roberts is sitting on a couch in a Soho hotel when Lucas Hedges bursts in and begins franti- cally searching for his phone sending pil- Lucas wasn't on that tist Peter Hedges aid by phone Before I could even share that list with her she sald Locas peeds to I said One I dom't think and two I don't think he would ever want to do a film with me This is what I say to Finn Roberts says referencing one of ber three children as she instructs her 21-year-old co-star Where did you go from here honey Roberts' motherly instincts play a bi suasive and I think classy c thought he should do the film with ber be made effort to let bim know that she It is alas hard to say no to Julia Roberts The actress later invited Lucas to her Malibu home where she says bte of her latest film Ben Is Back Writ- Ben Is Back is about a son Lucas home from rehab for Christmas The short visit resur- taking her kids to the beach Making Ben Is Back was for her less about channeling her own parental nightmares than fostering a relationship with her fictional sor Spending time with Locas meant that I with him and that is what 1 called upon and relied upon for the had 79 sored caseworker coaxing soldiers important Especialily tn the middle of the ter for Roberts the most quintessential movie stars who at 51 is into civilian life Its a more dramatic chap- of night when you're playing a scene ovet and over again you just have to have so stretching in new directions that are increasingly further afield from the frothier romantic comedies don't want to drag my kids through much of Roberts' best recent work incleding Wonder and August Osage ssible parts Roberts said in a recent nterview You know I'm happy and I have fun at home so it would take a lot for time can do I mean I'm not JULIA ROBERTS County for which she received an Oscar someone to say Look you can play this e hest do s asfun to seem cooler than I am or some- ed suddealy? How is it not fair she says around family both on and off screen While her next film Little Bee is a noting a few advancements that hit home till Roberts a four-time Oscar nomi- for her and her family equal pay for dram It can take a lot to get Roberts nee and one-time winner Erin Brock- women surfers and Manchester United from romantic comedies for good from home Hedges at ooe point jokin suggested shooting Ben Is Back in ovich is also indelibly linked to the 90s launching a women's team Things likeIt's just two delicious things pat not Times have changed her breakthrough that it's the year of the woman movie era when stars this give me hope that our business can er says Koberts Ir's like spending still ruled the box office keep making strides because every year months wrapping a present for people gain? Let's just have it always be begrudge their absence because I'd rather They're really hard to make well so I don't he says film 1990's Pretty Womarn is now a of go factor ber kids school her husband cinematographer Danny Moder Roberts has quite contentedt Broadway musical Roberts recently had the year of the artists If we have to keep not see a bunch of really bad ones alongside Barbara Marshall wife of the schedule and that of the out-of-body ex the gender of this and the gen- But Ben is Back and Homecoming that we're kind of blowing it Lately Roberts has been trying some matic work she did with Steven wasn't prepared for how profoundly it new things She joined Instagram in June Erin Brockovich and Mike Nic made me miss Garty she said choking Homecoming is her first f series Roberts insisted Sam Esmail Mr 00C0 said of the actress Her face is made direct all the episodes and that all by God to express thought and feeling I wasn't prepared for how all of the Robot he still wears the role of toovie star I'm just a girl standing in front of an editor asking him to edit her headline Meme

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