Country Life Expectancy healthcare Universal 83 Universal Switzerland 83 Universal Universal 82 Universal 82 Universal 1 Universal Universal United Kingdom 8 Universal уре Japan 84 Italy 82 Iceland France Canada Germany 8 South Korea 81 United States 79 FOR PROFIT Gary Baumgardner Like profit is a bad word Profit is what gave us medicine and advancements in technology that we have today It's because of government we have such a screwed up healthcare system Remind me how much medicine or health tech did government create? If you would get the pharmaceuticals out of the government and stop allowing them to regulate for lobbyist the free market would work You can't find $100 price tag for a bandaid or $10k for an ambulance ride in the free market You just can't We would be paying for health insurance like we pay for home or auto insurance GB Meme

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