Craft Room Pantry Fish Tank Spring Foraging 4 spots Specialty Fish Night Fishing 3 4 spots Winter Foraging 4 spots Fall Crops 4 spotsReward Construction 4 Fall Foraging 4 spots Spring Crops 4 spots River Fish 4 Ocean Fish 4 Animal Bundle 5 spots spots spots spots spots 99 O 99 99 Artisan Bundle 6 spots Reward Keg 10 Summer Crops 4 spots Quality Crops GOLD STAR 3 Summer Exotic Foraging 5 spots Reward 5 Autumn's Bounty Lake Fish 4 Crab Pot 5 spots Reward 3 Crab Pots Foraging 3 spots Bulletin Board Boiler Room Chef's Bundle 6 spotsReward spots Reward Geologist 4 spots Blacksmith 3 Adventurer 2 Dye Bundle 6 Field Research Fodder Bundle Enchanter 4 6 spots spots Reward 3 spots spots spots Pantry Boiler Room Crafts Room Fish Tank Bulletin Board Spring Foraging 4 spots Reward 30 Spring Seeds Filed Research 6 spotsReward 3 Pink Cakes Purple Mushroom Spring Crops 4 spots Reward 20 Speed-Gro Animal Bundle 5 spotsReward Cheese Press Blacksmith 3 spots Reward 1 Furnace Construction 4 spotsReward Charcoal Kiln Chef's Bundle 6 spotsReward 3 Pink Cakes Maple Syrup River Fish 4 spots Reward 20 Bait Specialty Fish 4 spotsReward 5 Fish o' The Sea Rivers 6am- 7pm Spring Ocean 12pm- 4pm Summer Chopping trees or Smelting Copper Ore in Selting Iron Ore in the Spring foraging Spring foraging buy Spring Foraging Spring Foraging buy Summer Foraging 3 spots Reward Wild Tapped Maple Tree The mines 99 Wood Spring crops Large milk Copper Bar Parsnip Cows Sunfish Pufferfish Horseradis The Farm Chopping trees or Nautilus Shell Winter beach Green Large egg brown Rivers and The Mines Fiddlehead Summer 99 Catfish Daffodil Spring crops Wood Chickens Ghostfish Iron Bar ponds levels Bean Secret Woods Fern foraging in foraging Smelting Gold Ore in the Geologist 4 spots Reward 5 Omni Smashing stones Rivers 9am- 2am Spring Rivers 6am- 7pm Fall and Lake Fish 4 spots Reward Dressed The Desert Mountain Lake Cauliflower Spring crops 99 Sandfish Chub Leek Stone Large egg Chickens Shad Gold Bar Truffle Pigs pond 6am- Secret Woods and Forest and River Mines levels Chopping large stumps Exotic Foraging 5 spots Reward 5 Large goat milk Frozen Summer 10 Hardwood Woodskip Potato Goats Tiger Trout Poppy Dandelion Spring crops Crops Cooking recipe Queen Geode Geode 40-79 Fodder Bundle 3 spots Reward Heater Summer Crops 4 spots Reward 1 Quality Sprinkler Crab Pot 5 spots Reward 3 Crab Pots Foraging in mines Sheep Rabbits Quartz Wool Maki Roll Autumn's Bounty 30 Spring Seeds Spinner Earth Crystal Frozen Tear Largemout Mountain lake 6am-7pm all Mountain lake always Mountain lake always Mountain lake 6am-7pm Ocean Fish 4 spotsReward 5 Warp Crab pot ocean Grab pot freshwater Crab pot ocean rock Crab pot ocean Crab pot ocean Crab pot ocean Crab pot freshwater Crab pot freshwater Crab pot ocean Crab pot ocean Foraging levels 1-139 of Summer Desert SummarFall Duck egg Ducks Fried Egg 10 Coconut Summer crops Lobster Grape Tomato Cooking Wheat foraging Fall Foraging h Bass crops Marnie's Ranch or Apple trees in fall farm cave Enchanter 4 spots Reward 5 Gold Dye Bundle 6 spots Reward Seed Maker Red Summer Cactus Desert Foraging levels 40-79 of Hot Pepper Summer crops 10 Spice Berry Artisan Bundle 6 spots Reward Keg Carp Crayfish Нaу foraging The Summer Fruit Foraging The mines Made from truffles using Foraging in the mines Cave Foraging levels 80-120 Sweet Pea Blueberry Summer crops Truffle oil Bullhead Crab Fire Quartz Apple Carrot foraging smashing Foraging in the mines The mines Mushroom Fall Foraging 4 spotsReward 30 Fall Seeds Red Mushroom Loom Adventurer 2 spotsReward Small Magnet Ring Beach Summer crops Cloth Sea Urchin Melon Sturgeon Cockle Bars foraging after SummarFall Recycling a Tapped Oak Tree Fall foraging Springfall Fall foraging Common Purple Mushroom Fall Crops 4 spotsReward 1 Bee House Goat 99 Cheese press Mussel Sunflower Slime Slimes Oak Resin Totem Beach Mushroom The Farm cheese Crops Tapped Maple Tree Ocean 6am- 7pm Spring Ocean 6am- 7pm Summer Ocean 6am- 7pm Summer Ocean 6am- 2pm Summer Night Fishing 3 spots Reward Small Duck Maple Syrup SummerFall Cheese press 10 Bat Wing Wild Plum Corn Cheese Sardine Shrimp Bats in mines Ducks Wine Keg The Farm Feather crops Ghosts squid kids metal Aquamarine nodes boxes Tapped Oak Tree Rabbit's Solar Aquamarin Rabbits Serpent drop Pomegrana Pomegranate trees in fall Fall foraging Fall crops Eggplant Bee house Hazelnut Oak Resin Honey Tuna Snail Essence Foot Tapped Pine Tree Fall foraging The Farm Shadow Brutes in Red Void Red Summer Fall crops Pumpkin Preserves jar Blackbetter Pine Tar Jelly Periwinkle Crops Year 2 Snapper Essence Cabbage te Apple trees in fall farm cave Winter Foraging 4 spots Reward 30 Winter Seeds Foraging in the Secret Fall crops Tilapia Oyster Morel Yam Apple Apricot trees in spring farm Orange trees in summer Preach trees in summer Pomegrana Pomegranate trees in fall Tilling soil or Artifact Spots Winter foraging Tilling soil or Artifact Spots Quality Crops 3 spots Reward Preserves Jar Winter Apricot Clam Glow Ring Root Gold quality Spring crops Gold quality Summer crops Gold quality Fall crops Gold quality summarfall Crystal Fruit Rivers Lakes Forest Pong Rivers 6pm- 2am all Ocean 4pm- 2am Spring 5 Parsnips Walleye Orange Peach Snow Yam 5 Melons Bream Winter Crocus Eel foraging Pumpkins te Cherry trees in spring farm Cherry 5 Corn I made a consolidated spreadsheet for the Community Center bundles Meme

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