CreamyCommunist 2 weeks ago I figured this is the best place for me to ask this There is this girl at my school that I really like almost love She knows that I like her but not how much She doesn't like me back and she likes my best friend I can't say I know exactly what I'm asking for but I would love your guys input Thanks Reply 55 imtoosexy O Yesterday Don't take this advice ppl are clueless here Dont tell her how you feel it will only push her away if you're already in the friendzone how she feels towads you isn't her choice don't be cilngy towards her hoping she will change her mind be cool about it and Think about what makes guys attractive to her and work on developing those qualities Confidence is key perhaps drop the friendship so at a later point you can start over and take the dating path in stead of the friendship path Reply 3 Idkimbored44 4 days ago Tell her how you feel even if she says no are least you will know how she feels and get that off your chest Reply ravan19999 5 days ago I just came here ro watch the video and saw this comment Oh by the tell her how you feel about her before it's too late Reply 2 PH always there to help you out Meme

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