CREATE POST COMMUNITY OPTIONS ADVERTISEMENT X BIZZE made with mematic BUY VIRTUAL TICKET Comment Give Award Share Save AND UNLOCK IN-GAME Posted by ugourmet-cheeses just now ITEMS Advice Sorry about the length of this BUY NOW I'm so fucking done I have so many health issues but my twO major ones are involving both my knees and my intestinesliverstomach I had surgery in March 2017 on my abdomin idrk what was going on cause the doctors didn't really tell me what was going just told me that I needed surgery right then and there so yeah but one of my intestines wrapped around my liver and my organs weren't where they were supposed to be and it's extremely painful like all the times and limits what I can physically do now as for my knees my patella just slides in and out of place so I can't run or even walk fast any more My PE teacher doesn't acknowledge my health issues and forces me to run on Some Items available at a later date causing my kneecaps to throb and the motion triggers my abdomin to hurt as well Yeah so today I was just doing what I usually do try and power walk whatever we have to run and she asked me to grab something for her so I did and when I got it she started yelling that I wasn't fast enough and told me would you just run seriously I'm so done with your bullshit that's the exact quote from her I calmyexplained to her that cant Comment Give Award Share Save Posted by uStaters just now LIBERATE HONG KONG REVOLUTION OF OUR TIME Meme

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