Create this again! Meme Take an old piece that you loveused to love and redrawcreate it now Done? Now it's time to compare and see how much you've improved DENMARK SWEDEN Europe at the height of German expansion 1941-1942 ses Areas under German German allies co-belligerents and puppet states Nominally unoccupied Retaken during Soviet 1941 Konigsberg Military 1942 winter-offensive Allied-held areas Neutral countries Including annexed and occupied territories Kield North Sea Finland Sweden Hamburg dschmerie Faroe Islands British-occupied Reichs- kom missariat Norwegen NETHER LANDS GERMAN EMPIRE RUSSIAN EM PIRE Soviet Union Hannove Berlin Waraw cic The Hagu Ostland O Lode Under Military Dortmud Ireland United Kingdom German Reichskommissariat Ukraine russels General Under Military overnment ELGIUM Admin Frankft Bohemia Slovakia Lemberg Liv Zone occupée Under Military Admin Hungary DOKUXEMBOURC Liechtenstein CARPATHIAN MO Vichy o Reims AVARIA witzer Met Romania Zone libre State of Croatia Military Admin Munich Monaco Bulgaria Turkey FRANCE Spain ltaly Vatican City AUSTROHUNGARIAN EMPIRE Zurich Italian Military I1 Syria Free France From July Iraq SWITZERLAND8 1941 Bt-oC odecanese Cyprus taly Britain TangieMorocco Spain Malta Britain Trans- Saudi JordanArabia Britain Lyoed ITAL Algeria Vichy France Tunisia Vichy F Morocco Vichy Fr Then Now Hitler's entry into art school Meme

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