@creepyenemies The big twist at the end of the movie Orphan when you find out Esther is actually a 33-year-old woman with proportional hyperpituitary dwarfism who killed seven people is one of the best flip-reversal horror movies ever but did you know that what the writers had planned for Esther was so so much worse? The original plot was that Esther had been molested by her father for years starting when she was an infant which sexualized her at a very young age and destroyed any future chance of her having her own children Her father later took another lover telling Esther that because of her condition she could never be a real woman She murdered them both and was ultimately sent to Saarne a mental institution but escaped and started working as a prostitute When she was arrested for this she kept up the pretense of being a child to stay out of jail and was sent to an orphanage Esther sees herself as trapped inside the body of a child and it disgusts her She wants to 'grow up' and be a wife a mother and a lover what her father considered a 'real woman' and tries to find 'love' where she thought she'd had it as a child with her new father I just rewatched this movie and I stg it’s sooo good - - - creepy scary horror orphan dead creepyenemies horrormovies creepyfacts didyouknow funfact trivia Meme

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