cricket! 15% 353 PM 975 WAMZ 975WAMZ Typically replies Waiting For Network Hi! I just wanted to tell you how important your station and the music you all play is to me Back about 5 years ago I was in a car wreck When I got to the hospital I ended up going unconscious then went into a coma The doctors said there was about a 65% chance that I'd never come out of it and suggested to my parents that they pull the plug It was a very hard decision for thembeing that l'd already been in the coma for something like 6 months at that point but they decided to give it one more week to see if l'd wake upA few days later one of the nurses came into my room to check up on me and with her she brought little portable radio And what else was playing but 975? think it was a song by Luke Bryan playing Either way I slowly started opening my eyes Then I clenched my hands and fingers! Once I fully came to I got out of bed and smashed that radio into the fucking ground Sent Aa imgilipcom Meme

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