crime show well we don't know what time she was taken but as you can see in this convenience store security footage she's mouthing something and our lip reading technology tells us she's saying 'those three wise men they ve got a semi by the sea which are lyrics to James Blunt's song Wisemen which was playing on that store's favoured radio station at approximately 318PM and she disappears from view exactly five minutes later so therefore m crying cause most secunty cams would have timestamps crime show now see usually we'd manage to get a timestamp from the security footage but unfortunately in this case the cameras only record a live feed and while you would think this means we shouldn't be able to see the footage at all luckily a famous Twutch streamer happened to be using it as their background footage while recording yesterday so jenroses yes but can you blow it up and enhance it? unfortunately this particular footage is extremely low quality and very grainy but as Izoom in on this super blurry pixelated mage you can see the details become much clearer and easier to identify But what about the extremely specific pollen found on the camera lens? good eye! originally I didn't even notice it was there but whie combing through the footage I noticed three different people sneezed whille in view of the camera I did some research and found that the particles represent the pollen of this obscure plant life that is native to this particular state which really doesn't help us except that it only ever blooms in the opposite season! So I did some digging and found four nurseries within a 50 mile radius only one of which sell that plant all year round which of course means mongolman101 Hold on just one moment! If the twitch streamer was using the cameras live feed as background then we should know the ime of the crime! The twitch archive should mark how long the streamer had been on by the time of the perpetrators presence onscreen and if we know when they went live we will know the time the perpetrator was in the building DAMNIT jONES THIS ISN'T YOUR CASE WELL IT'S MY CASE NOW! The Captain thinks your kidnapping is related to my investigation into that cult up state So apparently we're supposed to work together I'm not any happier than you are but I hate sharing! TOUGH SHIT MCNAMARA! Your kidnapping case is somehow connected with that cult that's been sacrificing its members to in the belief that it will appease the elder god Cthulhu Now I don't like it any more than you do and I'm worse at sharing than a toddler with a new favorite toy but lives may well be on the line here! Are you willing to put aside our differences and do what needs to be done?! Alright but when we catch the perp he's mine I don't care if he's sacrificed a hundred victims to goddamn Mickey Mouse! That man may know who killed my father and I wont let anyone get in my way -not even someone with your develish smile Do you think you're the only one who wants to find Eric's murderer?1 He was my partnerl He was my friend Iknow we haven't worked together before but this case will have us working together for a while until we eventually find your fathers killer And I can see this case taking us a long time and defining both of our lives for the foreseeable future But don't worry McNamara my years of experience on the force put together with your grit tenacity and loose understanding of the rules will make for a great partnership with plenty of laughs and sexual tension to go around Until some being from on high decides the precinct isn't ready for a same sex couple and I rekindle my relationship with my previously unmentioned ex-wife But we and some unknown watchers of our adventures will always know we were meant to be together weirdly large age gap be damned! Yeah and while Eric was off playing cops and robbers with you I grew up without a dad! Do you know how many times I stared at my baseball glove wishing he was there to throw it to me? You may have lost Eric but I never even got to have him! But you're right This case will definitely take at least a full year especially with the fact that we will be constantly interrupted with other smaller cases one of which will be halloween themed Were working together for the forseeable future and my playful countenance and morbid wit will very quickly mesh with your hardened attitude and tendency to keep secrets And while you go back to your unhappy stiff relationship with your ex wife I will be shown having constant meaningless sex with a multitude of beautiful women so that the writers can really get across how Not Gay I am It's gonna be a wild ride Jones And there had better be stakeouts executive producer dick wolf Source aloverthegaf Tumblr Crime Show Meme

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