CRISTIANO RONALDO via ITV When I was a kid 11 or 12 years old we didn't have money We lived in the same place in Lisbon that the other players did The younger players I saw my family in Madeira every three months It was hard A very hard period without the family Late at night 1030 or 11 we are a little bit hungry So we had a McDonald's next to the stadium where we lived And we always go to the back door and knocked on the door 'hey any burgers left? And Edna and two more girls they were unbelievable I never found the girls again I speak with some people in Portugal to try to find where the girls are because I don't find them JUDENTUS J They closed that McDonald's But I hope this interview will help to find these girls I will be so happy because I want to invite her to come to Turin or Lisbon to come to my house and have dinner with me вер I want to find these girls To give something back because that period I appreciate so much I never forgot that moment it's enough to make a grown man cry Cr7respect Meme

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