Cut Completely Cut Pre-EvoEvo VULPIX PRE-EVO TANGELA PRE-EVO TANGELA EVO OWILFISH EVO GOLDEEN PRE-EVO PARAS PRE-EO DITTO EVO DODUO PRE-EVO GIRAFARIG PRE-EVO MEOWTH PRE-EVO PONYTA PRE-EVO GRIMER PRE-EVO GROWLITHE PRE-EVD MR MIME PRE-EVO WEEPINBELL EVO FARFETCH'D EVO PINSIR EVO LICKITUNG EVD EEVEE EVD Heavily Altered NOCTOWL PICHU CLEFFA IGGLYBUFF ARIADOS PHANPY GIRAFARIG POLITOED LEDIAN REMORAID OCTILLERY BAYLEE TYROGUE HITMONTOP HOPPIP SKIPLOOM JUMPLUFF SMDOCHUM ELEKID MAGBY BELLOSSOM DELIBIRD MURKROW BLISSEY SCIZOR PORYGON2 KINGDRA RAIKOU ENTE SUICUNE SNEASEL AIPOM therealbosszombie So with all the info coming out of the Pokemon Gold and Silver Demo that was found I figured I’d make a neat little post showing Pokemon that were Cut from the game or Heavily Changed before full release organized in a neat sheet And with the color sprites! While it is a shame some of these never say the light of day that Ditto Evolution is personal favorite there are also some things that are better left on the cutting room floor Like that Lickitung Evolution Thank you whoever is responsible for making sure that thing didn’t come to exist Meme

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