Cute things your sign does Aries that incredible cute crazy laugh Libra they way they can just walk in they get when something funny and flaunt their styre and makeup because damn they worked hard for it happens and they know they look fneee Taurus when they pull you in for a Scorpio that look of passion when long hug that turns to a 3 hour hug they are looking at someone or something Gemini when they are enjoying Sagittarius how they just run around themselves so much and thoy havo with no caution and do what they want that permanent smile and dancy to do fuck what anyone else thinks porsonality Capricorn when they are in tovo Cancer their eyes are just wow so literally everything about them much emotion so deep changes their whole face goes from normal to light and romantic Leo that smirk they do when Aquarius when they are speaking somothing is funny and it gradually about something true to them or turns into a massive smile with a slightly weird and they just carry on musical laugh without a care Virgo when they are so focused on Pisces the look they give people that something and they start mouthing they love or mean a lot to people their thoughts to themselve it's just so when they cover their mouth with thoir hand when they laugh cute aW Okay 1 there are so many of you and so many ARMY that I'm scared about a face reveal and 2 mine is true Meme

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